Harken Perfoma Winches

Engineered for High-Tech Line

Harken Performa winches are for racers and racer/cruisers using high-tech line who don't want to invest in a carbon winch, or who need winches in smaller sizes. The Performa design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winches with the sandblasted grip of its Carbon Fiber racing winch for a powerful hybrid. Performa winches transfer high loads to the winch with fewer wraps, allowing crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as wind strength and directions change.

Performa winches are available in sizes 40 to 60 to complement Harken's Carbon Fiber product line.

Details Make The Difference

Multiple Styles Winches come in self-tailing, plain top, or Quattro styles; manual, electric, or hydraulic drive.

Electric version in 12- or 24-volt, with vertical or horizontal motors, and left-mount options. Load controller and racing disconnect rod included.

Optimized Drum and Jaws Performa's sandblasted drum with diagonal ribs and narrow self-tailing jaws provide maximum hold and smooth release of small-diameter, high-tech line.

Integrated Stripper Arm The one-piece stripper arm covers the winch top for a stable platform. The arm adjusts to multiple positions and smoothly feeds line into and out of the self-tailing jaws.

High-Strength Materials The aluminum drum features an integrated skirt.

Composite roller and ball thrust bearings reduce friction under load, have excellent corrosion resistance, and don't need lubrication.

Snap-fit design keeps bearings captive in a high-strength Delrin cage when the drum is removed for maintenance.

Load-carrying gears, pins, and pawls are 17-4PH stainless steel for durability.

Easy to Service and Upgrade to Power Winches can be disassembled and serviced on deck. Snap-fit socket, washer and screw top lift out as a unit, making reassembly mistake-free.

Manual winches easily convert to power. The same drilling template is used to mount manual and electric winches of the same size.

Harken Perfoma Winches