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Seoladair Boomkicker

Boomkickers use two coated fiberglass spring rods to provide the force necessary to support the boom and mainsail. The rods are clamped into hardcoat anodized aluminum end pieces and attached to universal mast and boom fittings. Fittings are included along with machine screw fasteners and the proper drill and tap. The mast fitting has a standard round slide which, used in the luff groove, avoids drilling into the mast. It also allows adjustments later if needed. Flat slides in varying widths are available from the factory. The slides can often be inserted at the sail opening above the gooseneck and slid down reassembling the fitting in position. If slides are not usable, the fitting can be attached directly to the mast using the same drill and tap provided for the boom. The custom extruded boom fitting is contoured to fit both round and flat bottom booms.