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Harken Big Boat End Controls

Big Boat end controls secure to track eliminating additional holes. Tough one-piece bases and cam arms are machined from a single piece of aluminum.

Ball bearing sheaves let cars adjust under load and release instantly. Compact, high-strength Carbo AirBlock® components keep traveler weight minimal. Cam-matic® cleats provide precise cleating.

  • Use 3171 to route control lines to the deck from a bridge-mounted traveler.

    High-Load Controls

    High-load controls allow 2:1 to 6:1 purchases on offshore boats with mainsails over 400 ft2 (37 m2). The 1893 and 1936 use multiple rows of ball bearings. The 3173 and 3174 feature 57 mm Black Magic® Big Boat ball/roller sheaves and high-load aluminum sideplates.

    ESP End Controls

    Use 6088 double-sheave ESP end controls for cabintop travelers where lines lead to the aft edge of the cabintop. Use the 6090 control block for a 3:1 purchase, the 1845 (see page 131) for a 4:1 purchase. Contact Harken® to order special length 3156 track with control mounting holes.