Harken Electric Self-Tailing Radial Winches - Vertical & Horizontal

Harken Powered Radial Winches allow crew to trim any size sail with the push of a button. Winches mount in minutes without removing the drum and can be quickly disassembled and serviced on deck. Seasonal maintenance is painless. Snap-fit socket, washer and screw top lift out as a unit, making reassembly fast and mistake free, with no leftover or misplaced parts to worry about.

Harken Radial Winches:

Multiple Styles and Finishes. Winches available in aluminum alloy, chrome and in 2- and 3-speed self-tailing. Powered electric or hydraulic.

Easy to convert, install, service. The same drilling pattern is used to mount manual and electric winches of the same size. Other manufacturers must uninstall the existing manual winch, fill the old holes, and drill new holes before converting to electric winch power.

Builders can pre-drill a 3.00 inch (7.6 cm) gear shaft hole into the deck to simplify future conversion from manual to electric. Harken offers removable gaskets to seal the holes until upgrades are made.

Patent-pending stud-bolt mounting option allows quick installation without removing the drum.

Socket, washer, and screw-top snap-fit together to simplify maintenance and for mistake-free assembly.

Integrated Stripper Arm. The strong, one-piece stripper arm completely covers the winch top for a stable platform that prevents fingers and clothing from catching in moving parts—an important safety feature, particularly when operating powered winches. The arm can be adjusted to multiple positions after the winch is mounted, and is shaped to smoothly feed line into and out of the self-tailing jaws.

Kits Include: Winch and a motor, control box, circuit breaker, and two BRS104/P switches.