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Spinlock TWR Sheave Range

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Spinlock TWR Sheave Range

Our TWR Organizer is a development of our successful TSR Organizer Range, offering a high load, single line diverter for lines up to a massive 2.5 tonnes.


  • Single Sheave in 30mm and 44mm Diameter

  • Low profile rotating sheave with faired in static top plate

  • Up to 2.5T max sheave load (5T Line load at 30 degrees deflection)

  • Hard anodized sheave and top plate

  • Stainless steel axle (Ti parts available to further reduce weight)

  • High-grade polymer bearing

  • Simple on-deck servicing

  • Single fastener installation

  • Wide base to dissipate load through deck

  • Competitively priced

  • Specifications:


  • SWL: 2000 kg.

  • Max Line Dia.: 16mm

  • TWR/44

  • WL: 2500 kg.

  • Max Line Dia.: 24mm