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Spinlock Low Profile Aft Organizer 4 x 30mm Sheave (3 Rope) w/ Min Sheave Spacing

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Product Description

Spinlock Low Profile Aft Organizer 4 x 30mm Sheave (3 Rope) w/ Min Sheave Spacing

Product Information

  • Aft organizers for diverting lines from clutches and jammers

  • 30mm diameter alloy sheaves

  • 30mm sheaves for diverting large deflection angles and large diameter lines

  • All rotating sheaves with plain bearings

  • Alloy top rails

  • Modular design and assembly –Sheaves can be moved to any spacing

  • Tulip sheathed design reduces friction from vertical deflection

  • Low profile design

  • Simple inserting and removal of endless lines

  • Central shaft designed to spread load through laminate

  • Easily serviced without demounting from deck