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Plastimo Mini-C Compass

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Product Description

Plastimo Mini-C Compass

Dinghy, sail or power cruiser up to 10 m (33 ft).

Multi-purpose compass : dinghy sailing, cruising, powerboating... Thanks to its gimballed magnetic cell, the Mini-C adapts to any location on board, vertical or horizontal. Installation is very easy; simply flushmounted, vertically on a bulkhead or horizontally on the dashboard or instrument pod.

Universal balance : round the world with one compass


  • Conical card with dual reading (vertical and horizontal).

  • Apparent card Ø 70 mm

  • Magnetic cell mounted on gimbals provides excellent card stability : the card remains horizontal whatever the inclination.

  • 2 mobile lubber lines.

  • Illumination optional.

  • ISO 613 compliant.