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Loos Professional Tension Gauge 2.5mm - 4mm

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Loos Professional Tension Gauge 2.5mm - 4mm

Loos Professional Model Tension gauges perform cable tension readings accurately to within + or 5% of the cable tension.

They are the affordable answer to accurately measuring cable tension on sail boat standing rigging, guy wires, fences or any application where cable or wires are installed under load.

Manufactured of rigging anodized aluminum the Loos cable tension gauge is non corrosive and will give years of service.

Detailed operating instructions are included with each tension gauge. Standing sailboat rigging can be adjusted while the tension gauge remains on the cable just watch the pointer move.

For specific sailboat rigging tension requirements please contact your boat manufacturer, mast manufacturer, sail manufacturer or other applicable product for which the Loos Professional tension gauges is used.