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Lewmar Size 2 Beam Track (2m/6'7")

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Lewmar Size 2 Beam Track (2m/6'7")

Some beam tracks can only use metric fasteners. The moment of inertia is used to calculate the stiffness of material section. All track is extruded from Aluminum 6082T6. Beam track is used when spanning cockpits and across companion way hatches. Three fixing bolts should always be used either side of the span and washers fitted under the head of the bolt and between track and deck.


  • Weight (per meter)(oz) - 128.13

  • Max Safe Working Load of Car (lb) - 5180

  • Max Span Between Fixings (in) - 35

  • Moment of Inertia (mm4) - 34124


  • Height (in) - 2

  • Width (in) - 2 3/16

  • Actual Length (ft) - 6'7"