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New England Ropes Flight Line

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Product Description

New England Ropes Flight Line

A lightweight line perfect for light air spinnaker sheets, as well as mainsheets and control lines in smaller boats.  Flight Line is a strong, lightweight, flexible, low-stretch line with a braided core that is easily tapered. It's soft on the hands and gets even softer with use.  Flight Line will certainly take-off with its lightweight, non-absorbent xlf cover and its 100% braided Dyneema® core. Flight Line is used as a light air spinnaker sheet, mainsheet, control lines and topping lifts.


  • Cover: XLF
  • Core: Dyneema®

Diameter (mm) Diameter (inch) Weight (lbs/per 100') Tensile Strength (lbs)
6mm 1/4"
1.40 2,500
8mm 5/16"
2.20 4,000
9.5mm 3/8
3.20 4,700