Spinlock XX Range Port Sidemount Clutch (Bonded)

Spinlock XX Range Port Sidemount Clutch (Bonded)
Item# XXC0812/HBP

Product Description

Spinlock XX Range Port Sidemount Clutch (Bonded)

Features and Benefits:

  • Holds lines up to a massive 2350kg working load yet still provides controlled release under load

  • XXC0812 delivers a 50% increase in power/weight for no increase in overall size and 15% less weight

  • Lightened handle and body; locally reinforced with unidirectional carbon fibre and with critical components in Titanium instead of

  • Stainless steel

  • Ceramic coated jaws hold hybrid covered lines at loads up to 2350kg and help resist heat generated at higher line speeds

  • Optimized for high performance 8-12mm (5/16-1/2�) line diameters

  • Internal Torlon roller bearings ensure lasting performance and durability under high loads

  • XXC0812 is available in a side mounted Bonded version for building directly into deck and rig to save installed weight and maintain structural integrity

  • Lock Open version for applications such as mainsheets and spinnaker sheets. Allows lines to run through freely with handle closed

  • Easy on-deck access for removing complete internal assembly even when banked together

  • Access ports for fresh water flushing


    Rope Range - 8mm - 12mm (5/16" - 1/2")

    Load - 1200kg - 2350kg (5070lb - 5070lb)

    Max SWL - 2350kg (lb)

    Weight - 0kg