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Sterling HTP Static 9mm

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Sterling HTP Static 9mm

Ultra low stretch, all-weather Capability

Sterling’s HTP (High Tenacity Polyester) rope is 100% polyester with significant advantages over mixed fiber static ropes.
Inherently resistant to moisture, chemicals and UV rays, HTP is a workhorse in harsh environments.

A highly efficient rope for ascension and high angle rescue situations, HTP ropes are great for use in high-lines, tower rescue, rope access, water rescue and other applications requiring high strength and low stretch.

Technical Specifications: 

Diameter: 9.0mm

Weight: 62 (g/m)

MBS Rating: 4,496lbs

MBS Rating: 20.0kN

Elongation at 300 lb: 0.8%

**Please note: This product cannot be spliced. A factory sewn eye can be added for an additional $25.

Extra Cut Length Fee:

(All Diameters) 0-3 = FREE
( 0 - 1") 4+ = $0.75/each additional cut
( Greater than 1") 4+ = $1.50/each additional cut