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POSH Polyester 3 Strand Rope Reflective

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Product Description

POSH Polyester 3 Strand Rope Reflective

The same POSH you've come to know and love, now with a reflective tracer!

If you're looking for modern performance, a traditional appearance and an exceptionally soft hand, POSH 3 Strand is it.

Langman Ropes of Holland makes this great handling rope from the finest spun polyester yarns available. POSH is used for halyards, sheets, and running rigging on traditional sailboats and dinghies. It's also a great choice as a boltrope for sailmaking as well as interior decorating, garden decor, dog leashes, decorative knotwork with your friends, and more.

The larger diameters of POSH make an excellent choice for rope stair rails and barriers, indoors or outdoors. 

P.O.S.H. - Portside Out, Starboard Home!


Diameter (mm) Diameter (in.) Weight per 100' (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
8mm 5/16" 2.8
10mm 3/8"
12mm 1/2"