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Optimist Opti Sailboat Running Rigging Line Kit

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Product Description

Optimist Opti Sailboat Running Rigging Line Kit

One of the best ways to improve an aging Opti is to overhaul and replace all the running rigging, sail ties, and shock cords. Our custom made kits are value priced for the club level racer and student sailor, each line is color-coded and pre cut to length for ease of installation. Ropes hand selected from Novabraid and Paraloc for the best performance.

 What's Inside the Box:

  • D/B Retainer 1 ea. Red

  • Hiking Strap Lift 1 ea. Yellow

  • Bow Loop 1 ea. Blue Fleck

  • Vang 1 ea. Red Fleck

  • Painter 1 ea. Yellow

  • Boom Jaw Retainer 1 ea. Black Fleck

  • Daggerboard Tie Down 1 ea. Blue

  • Mainsheet Bridle Safety 1 ea. Red

  • Upper Spirit Halyard 1 ea. Blue

  • Lower Spirit Halyard 1 ea. Blue

  • Outhaul 1 ea. White

  • Mast tie In 1 ea. Black

  • Mainsheet 1 ea. Black

  • Mainsheet Bridle 1 ea. Green

  • Sail Ties 12 ea. Purple

  • Corner Ties 5 ea. Orange