Plastimo Contest 101 Tactical Compass

Plastimo Contest 101 Tactical Compass
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Product Description

Plastimo Contest 101 Tactical Compass

Dinghy, catamarans and sportsboats 8 to 12 m (26 to 40 ft).

The racing version of the legendary Contest 101, with a tactical card.

Combines the functions of :

  • Main steering compass, from card horizontal surface. Course is read from the lubber lines mounted in the lower part of the bowl

  • Tactical compass, from card vertical section (direct reading). Tactician-crew only needs to memorise one figure for the 3 legs of an olympic course.

    UNIVERSAL BALANCE : around the world with one single compass.

    Assembly is totally watertight

    Exclusive installation design allows the compass to fit any bulkhead, vertical or inclined up to 25 front tilt.

    Fits any bulkhead thickness :

    Regular bulkhead thickness (up to 40 mm) : compass is secured with threaded rods.

    Thick or double bulkhead : compass is secured with screws on both sides of the bulkhead.


    All parts fully UV-ray treated.

    Scratch resistant dome.

    Boat size: Sailboats and racing dinghies 8 m and above (26 ft +)

    Double reading: From cockpit and cabin.

    Compass card

    - Double graduation : horizontal and vertical.

    - Tactical conical card, graduated every 5, apparent 100 mm.

    Mounting: Comes as standard in a bulkhead version.

    Can be mast-mounted with the addition of optional mast-mounting kit.

    Lubber lines: 3 lubber lines, at 45.

    Heelmeter: Graduated every 10.

    Compensation: Optional.

    Lighting: 12-24 V LED.

    Supplied with: Protection cover, drilling template, back flange for neat installation from cabin side

    Homologation: ISO 25862 compliant