Paraloc Lines

Paraloc Lines
Paraloc is revolutionizing the sport of sailing. This new technology, developed by the Swiss company mamutec AG, will usher in a new era of running rigging through an innovation in marine rope manufacture. The patented parallel-braiding ropes differ fundamentally from existing technologies. The different types of fibers (polyester, Dyneema, Vectran,) can be combined to achieve the desired quality, like traditional core/sheath rigging ropes. In Paraloc technology, however, the core and sheath fibers are, in addition, directly interlocked braiding through the technique of parallel braiding. Thanks to the interlocked braiding core and sheath fibers, unique rope advantages are achieved:

  • No sheath slippage

  • Less stretch

  • High abrasion and tear resistance in the cleats

    Line is Priced by the Foot

    Full Spool Length: 656ft (10% Discount for Full Spool Purchase)