North U Weather for Sailors CD-Rom

North U Weather for Sailors CD-Rom
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North U Weather for Sailors CD-Rom

By Bill Biewenga and Bill Gladstone

Weather is dynamic, and the Weather For Sailors CD-Rom puts weather in motion. Youíll see how global, regional, and local weather phenomena interact to create the local sailing wind. Youíll understand how and why an approaching front will shift local winds, and what to expect as it passes. Youíll see how weather differs in different positions around a system. Youíll watch as regional gradient weather battles local events for control of surface winds. Youíll marvel at how you can see into the future (thatís a forecast!) when you understand the dynamics of weather in three dimensions!

Itís all there on the Weather For Sailors CD-rom, plus a voice over by Bill Biewenga. If you canít attend the Weather For Sailors Seminar, get the CD!

  • The CD-ROM is only Windows compatible.

    It will work on a Mac with operating systems through Snow Leopard (version 10.6 and previous) It will not work on Lion or above (version 10.7 and up).