Lewmar Synchro Block

Lewmar Synchro Block
A complete rethink of block design, Lewmar Synchro blocks are engineered for speed, efficiency and superior handling. We use a combination of scientifically optimized block geometry, a Free-Spin bearing and self-aligning head to reduce friction and increase efficiency by up to 40% over conventional mainsheet systems. Which means each component is perfectly synchronized with the movement of the rope, providing you with an easier, smoother transfer of power from deck to sail and less wear on your rope.


  • Wide Range available in single, double, triple, fiddle and snatch blocks

  • Unique free-spin, self-lubricating bearing

  • Optimized sheave-to-rope ratio

  • Swivel lock self-aligning head

  • Adjustable cams

  • Compatible with Ocean Pad Eyes and upstands