J/22 Ultra Series Pole End

J/22 Ultra Series Pole End
Item# FOR-304050-J22

Product Description

J/22 Ultra Series Pole End

Designed for high strength, very light weight and resistance to wear and corrosion the Ultra Series™ composite end fitting is perfect for aluminum or carbon-fiber spinnaker poles and whisker poles. Trip line is Spectra™ with terminal eye strap included. Length is sufficient for standard pole lengths based on diameter.


  • Maximum LOA boat outboard end: 43'.

  • Maximum LOA boat inboard end: 36'. (All larger boats use GP Series)

  • Fits Forespar pole model UXP-200-EF.

  • Fits poles with 2" diameter and 1.87" ID.

  • End fitting length: 2.75"

  • Weight: 6.97 ozs.

  • No trigger.

    NOTE: All ultra ends require minimum 1.5 inch ID rings to function properly. Undersized rings will damage ends and void warranty.