J/105 Mast Complete

J/105 Mast Complete
Item# SPAJ105MA

Product Description

J/105 Mast Complete - per OEM Specifications

  • Aluminum section, fully anodized, Clear anodization color

  • Double spreader, fractional mast, deck stepped

  • Tapered and cut to length

  • Masthead welded in position with facility for one halyards aft and two halyards fwd

  • Masthead backstay crane

  • Spinnaker spectacle (2)

  • Two sets of aerofoil spreaders fitted

  • Forestay attachment with facility for two jib halyard

  • Backing plates for standing rigging

  • Five halyard exit slots of the open skid type

  • Fixed gooseneck suitable for slab reefing

  • Attachment point for boom vang

  • Mast heel

  • Messenger lines


  • Three core wire led to mast head

  • Three core wire led to steaming light

  • Conduit fitted with wiring to exit grommet


  • Powder Coating; White, Black, Anodizing Color $1,500.00