J/22 Mast Complete

J/22 Mast Complete
Item# SPA-J22-MAST

Product Description

J/22 Mast Complete

  • Aluminum section, fully anodized

  • Single spreader, fractional mast

  • Tapered and cut to length

  • Clear anodization

  • Masthead welded in position with facility for one halyard aft

  • Masthead backstay crane

  • One set of aerofoil spreaders fitted

  • Forestay attachment with facility for one jib halyard and one spinnaker halyard

  • Facility for one spinnaker pole topping lift halyard

  • Backing plates for standing rigging

  • Spinnaker pole ring on mast, for end to end pole handling

  • Riveted gooseneck bracket

  • Main Cunningham cheek block and eye strap installed

  • Messenger lines

  • Mast step not included

  • Complete mast to current class Specifications

    *This is an oversized item, increased shipping rate applies*