J/105 Boom - Complete

J/105 Boom - Complete
Item# J105-HSI-1823-E

Product Description

J/105 Boom - Complete

  • Aluminum section, fully anodized, Clear anodization color

  • Fitting to suit mast gooseneck

  • Attachment points for main sheet (2)

  • Attachment point for boom vang (1)

  • Sheave box riveted at aft end of boom to facilitate outhaul and reef lines

  • Sheave box riveted into boom at gooseneck to lead lines to deck

  • Internal 8:1 outhaul (4:1 cascaded) with clam cleat, bail and block under forward boom end

  • Messenger lines


  • Powder Coating; White, Black, Anodizing Color, $500.00