J/80 Mast

J/80 Mast
Item# HSI-1924-E
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Product Description


Aluminum section, fully anodized

Double spreaders, fractional mast, keel stepped

Tapered and cut to length

Clear anodization

Masthead welded in position with facility for one halyards aft and one halyard fwd

Masthead backstay crane

Spinnaker fairlead

Two sets of aerofoil spreaders fitted

Forestay attachment with facility for one jib halyard

Backing plates for standing rigging

Three halyard exit slots of the open skid type

Fixed gooseneck suitable for slab reefing

Attachment point for boom vang

Mast wedge

Waterproof rubber coat

Wire tie

Messenger lines


Three core wire led to mast head

Conduit fitted with wiring to exit grommet

Additional Options (Inquire for Pricing)

  • Powder Coating (White, Black, Anodizing Color)

  • Waterproof Rubber Coat

  • Mast Step

  • Mast Wedge