Hempex / Posh Spun Polyester 3-Strand

Hempex / Posh Spun Polyester 3-Strand
Hempex is a three strand rope made from Spun Polypropylene. It is less expensive and lighter in color that Posh. A great alternative for many marine and decorative applications.

Posh is a 3-Strand Spun Polyester line imported from Touwfabiek Langman of Holland.

It closely resembles best quality natural fiber hemp rope is ideal for applications where a soft hand and traditional appearance is important.

Hemp is a natural rope. Langmantouw Hemp is produced of a high quality raw material. Hemp doesn't burn the skin, is environmental friendly, good degradable and fire retardant. It had a light brown color and a soft feeling.

Line is Priced by the Foot

Full Spool Length: 720ft (10% Discount for Full Spool Purchase)