Helly Hansen Lifa Face Mask

Helly Hansen Lifa Face Mask
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Product Description

Helly Hansen Lifa Face Mask

This fabric mask is intended for use by non-health professionals to promote group protection. It is intended to be used by individuals in the context of their professional activity or in authorized departures during confinement, particularly in interior spaces with multiple people. Please note: These fabric masks are not classified as medical devices or personal protective equipment.

This mask should be used as a complement to the recommended protection and hygiene measures and following social distancing rules, essential for the control of COVID-19. The following instructions are recommended for the correct use of the mask:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution before putting on the mask.

2. Put on the mask with the inner face facing your face, and the outer face facing out.

3. Fix the mask by placing the rubber bands behind your ears.

4. Make sure that the mask fits well in your nose and chin area, in order to guarantee total protection.

5. Press on your nose area to perfectly Press on your nose area to perfectly adjust the nasal clip and thus guarantee total comfort during its use.

6. You should not touch your mask while you are wearing it. If this happens, you must wash your hands immediately. Note: If you accidentally get the mask wet, replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask must be washed before being reused.

7. It is recommended to use each mask for a maximum period of 4 hours a day, and the mask should be replaced with a new one at the end of that period or as soon as it is damp. The removed mask must be washed before being reused.

8. The mask must be removed from the back (not touching the front of the mask), by holding the rubber bands. At no time should the mask be kept around the neck to be reused.

9. The mask must be placed individually in a closed plastic bag, until it is placed in the washing machine.

10. You must wash your hands again at the end of the use and handling of the mask.

Limitations on use: This mask is not a medical device. It does not comply with the regulation for surgical masks (regulation EU/2017/745) or for personal protective equipment (regulation EU/2016/425). The mask should be used when completely dry after washing - a wet/damp mask decreases the protection of the mask. The mask can only be used by someone else after washing (according to cleaning instructions). If you accidentally get the mask wet, replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask must be washed before being reused.

Care and cleaning: The mask must be washed before reuse. Protection of the mask is only guaranteed if you follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions below:

The mask must be stored in a dry environment and protected from potential contamination. The mask must be washed before its first use; In case of defect or damage do not use the mask, replace it with another one. At the end of the mask’s lifecycle, you should wash the mask under the conditions defined in this section and after washing it must be discarded as non-hazardous fabric waste - if you choose not to wash the mask, you should discard it as biological waste; These masks must be used for a maximum period of 4 hours, and must be changed whenever they are damp. They should also be washed using a complete washing cycle of at least 30 minutes with detergent, and can only be used after being completely dried. The mask should not be fully folded in the region of the nasal clip in order to prevent it from being damaged.

Protect yourself and others!

Wash your hands regularly. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a handkerchief. Use disposable tissues. Greet without shaking hands and avoid hugging.

All profits on face mask purchases are donated to The Conservation Alliance.