Harken Unit 4 MKIV Furling System

Harken Unit 4 MKIV Furling System
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Product Description

Harken Unit 4 MKIV


FootnoteFor 19 mm (3/4") wire contact Harken.

Wire (1 x 19 SS) (mm)12, 14, 16 mm

Wire (1 x 19 SS) (in)1/2, 5/8, 9/16 in

Rod (mm)11.1, 12.7, 14.3 mm

Rod (dash)-30, -40, -48

Clevis pin (mm)22.2, 25.4, 28.57 mm

Clevis pin (in)1, 1 1/8, 7/8 in

Standard headstay length (m)22.88 m

Standard headstay length (ft in)75' 1" ft in

Maximum headstay length (m)27.15 m

Maximum headstay length (ft in)89' 1" ft in

A (mm)227 mm

A (in)8 15/16 in

C maximum (mm)533 m

C maximum (in)21 in

E maximum (mm)1411 mm

E maximum (in)55 9/16 in

E minimum (mm)1399 mm

E minimum (in)55 1/16 in

G maximum (mm)515 mm

G maximum (in)20 1/4 in

G minimum (mm)503 mm

G minimum (in)19 13/16 in

H (mm)280 mm

H (in)11 1/16 in

I (mm)130 mm

I (in)5 1/8 in

J maximum (mm)225 mm

J maximum (in)8 7/8 in

J minimum (mm)214 mm

J minimum (in)8 7/16 in

K (mm)44 mm

K (in)1 3/4 in

L (mm)47 mm

L (in)1 27/32 in

Extrusion length (m)2.13 m

Extrusion length (ft in)7' ft in

Luff tape size (mm)5 mm

Luff tape size (in)#6 (6/32) in


MKIV furling systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance and features Harken is known for. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design.