Harken Trigger Cleat

Harken Trigger Cleat
The Nash Trigger cleat has a unique mechanism that allows you to release highly loaded lines with complete control. Pulling the sheet down on the trigger trips the pawls and frees the sheet. The trigger serves as a snubbing surface to control release.

In light air, or once the trigger releases the load, the cleat operates like a normal cam cleat. The Trigger cleat is constructed of rugged stainless steel. It is very reliable in heavy air.

Trigger cleats are ideal on highly loaded systems like mainsheets, vangs, and even for some halyards. They have developed a cult-like following in some classes where the crew loves the ability to spill the mainsail reliably during close-quarters maneuvering.

The 355 cam mounting bracket attaches the Trigger cleat to 3.00 in (75 mm) low-profile triples. It fits the 064 and 411.

Use for:

  • Mainsheets

  • Halyards

  • Vangs

  • Control lines

  • Harken Nash Trigger Cam Cleat
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    Harken Trigger Cleat Adapter for Triple
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