Harken Marine Grip Tape - 60' Roll

Harken Marine Grip Tape - 60' Roll
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Product Description

Harken Marine Grip Tape - 60' Roll

PRODUCT: Harken Marine Grip

SITUATION: Customers are in need of a better nonabrasive, nonabsorbent grip tape for their boats, docks and stairs that stands up to extreme marine conditions.

DETAIL: Data shows that HARKEN MARINE GRIP improves wet or dry footing in bare feet or in rubber footwear, better than other commercial adhesives and waxes (see chart below). The superior grip is simple to clean and install, cost-effective, and because it’s nonabrasive, it won’t damage clothing, wet suits or skin.

HARKEN MARINE GRIP delivers what customers aren’t getting from other grip tapes: Comfort (even in extreme heat), low maintenance and resilience in harsh conditions.


• Durable for long-term use, nonabrasive, nonabsorbent

• Thin and light weight

• Easy to apply and clean (and remains in place without peeling)

• UV stable

• Good for all temperatures

• Available in marine gray, translucent white, and black

• Accessible in a range of panel sizes and roll widths

CARE: HARKEN MARINE GRIP cleans easily with household or boat cleaners.

INSTALLATION: 1) Clean application surface with isopropyl alcohol. 2) Make sure the surface temperature is above 65° F (18 °C). 3) Peel off 3"- 4" of liner and press on to surface. Once that is secured, peel off the remainder of the liner and press firmly to the surface using a roller to smooth out bubbles. 4) For high traffic areas, an adhesion promoter may be applied around the perimeter for a stronger bond.

For best adhesion, allow MARINE GRIP to bond to the surface for 24 hours prior to use (maximum adhesion achieved after 72 hours).

REMOVAL: 1) Peel up one corner and pull toward the opposite corner. 2) Slide a metal scraper or putty knife underneath as you pull.

REMOVING ADHESIVE: 1) Apply an adhesive remover (“Goof Off” or “Goo Gone”) for one hour. 2) Remove adhesive with scraper or putty knife. 3) Wipe off residue. 4) Clean the surface with household cleaner or dishwashing detergent. 5) Rinse.