Harken High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 750

Harken High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 750
Item# 46-2STGNP

Product Description

Harken High Capacity Drum Rigging Winch 750

The Rigging Winch 750 has an extra tall drum to accommodate 5 wraps of 22 mm (7/8") rope, which is commonly used by arborists, but can be used by anyone needing extra strength for heavy lifts. More wraps mean increased rope to capstan area, which leads to high efficiency when pulling. The winch has two settings providing a 44:1 and 22:1 mechanical advantage, which allows a single ground person to lift, lower, and lock off tremendous loads quickly and safely.


  • Minimum line (mm) 10 mm

  • Minimum line (in) 3/8 in

  • Maximum line (mm) 22 mm

  • Maximum line (in) 7/8 in

  • Weight (kg) 9.12 kg

  • Weight (lb) 20.1 lb

  • Maximum working load (kg) 750 kg

  • Maximum working load (lb) 1653 lb


    Stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins provide strength and durability. Sealed gearbox and high-load roller bearings reduce friction under load. Roller bearings are corrosion resistant and do not require lubrication.