Harken 3.00" Hexa-Cat Bases

Harken 3.00" Hexa-Cat Bases
These bases are used to build powerful mainsheet systems and tackles to grip loaded sheets. The Hexa-Cat's upper and lower blocks swivel independently so the cam block pivots to face the trimmer.

Ratcets feature Hardkote-anodized Teflon-impregnated eight-sided sheaves machined from solid aluminum for strength and corrosion resistance. Free-rolling Delrin ball bearings, sheave and sideplates UV-stabilized with carbon-black additive for maximum protection. High-strength stainless steel straps reinforce blocks.

Combine the 193 Little Hexa-Cat base with Big Bullet blocks or the 170 Hexa-Cat base with 2.25 in blocks for purchases from 5:1 to 8:1.

Use for:

  • Mainsheet systems

  • Vangs

  • Harken 3.00" Hexa-Cat Base w/ Cam Cleat
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