Harken 27mm Access Rail Trolley

Harken 27mm Access Rail Trolley
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Product Description

Harken 27mm Access Rail Trolley

Harken« designed the Access Rail system so crews of very large yachts would have a secure system that allows freedom of movement and the ability to lock into position while working outboard along the hull. The system is made up of two joined cars that allow the attachment of the personal suspension system and the required fall-arrest system. Its CE certification is among the most respected marks in the world and unique in the marine market.


  • Length 132mm

  • Length 5.1875in

  • Width 70mm

  • Width 2.75in

  • Maximum working load 100kg

  • Maximum working load 220lb

  • Use with track IN1643, IN1650


    Access Rail cars must only be used with track mounted using 5/16" (8 mm) fasteners except when using 1650 track.