Sound Boatworks is proud to offer a large collection of Gill footwear to meet the needs of our discerning customers. We have Gill boots, sneakers and deck shoes that are appropriate for just about every single marine endeavor, from casual leisure sails to the most demanding competitions. Made from a wide variety of marine-grade materials - such as natural rubber, protective neoprene and water-resistant leather - these sailing shoes will help you perform at your best during every last on-board adventure. All Gill footwear is made for next-level traction and support on slippery surfaces and most feature smart, quick-drying materials to keep you comfortable.

Gill Skiff Boot
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Our Price : $30.00
Gill 904 Competition Boot
Regular price: $99.95
Our Price : $55.95
Gill Deck Tech Race Trainer - White
Regular price: $125.00
Our Price : $50.00
Gill Short Cruising Boots 901
Gill Race Trainer Shoe
Regular price: $130.00
Our Price : $97.50
Gill 961 Edge Boot
Gill 961 Junior Edge Boot
Gill 962 Aero Boot
Gill 963 Aquatech Shoe
There's no denying that some of the most decorated competitive sailors trust Gill for their keelboat and dinghy racing shoes. The company also has a wide variety of performance-grade sailing hiking boots, skiff boots, trapeze boots and performance shoes that are made from a blend of neoprene fabric for a high level of water-resistance and exceptional freedom of movement. The Gill Hiking Boot, for example, is made from 5-millimeter thick neoprene for extra warmth and features non-slip razor-cut soles to offer high levels of traction and stability in wet environments. Some styles have a thin sole design that lets you "feel" the boat, so you're always in control of your movements.

Gill also makes an assortment of race-ready sneakers with non-slip performance that you can wear during races, plus short and long yachting boots that provide the perfect amount of protection against slippage and water penetration. Those looking for a stylish lifestyle shoe that reflects their nautical sense of style will appreciate our collection of Gill deck shoes. Although they're made for style with a classic loafer design, these leather boat shoes still have plenty of practical prowess. These premium yet affordable marine shoes have non-slip soles for safety on board and are made from water-resistant, marine-grade leather to keep them in play for season after season of sailing and cruising.