Equiplite Non-Swiveling (NS) Quick Connectors

Equiplite Non-Swiveling (NS) Quick Connectors
Equiplite™ Soft Connector use high tensile alloy and DSK 75 ULTRA loops to take the connection load. This allows the NS Connector to be extremely light (at least 80% to 90% less than traditional stainless fittings assemblies of the same load).

  • Compact

  • Less windage

  • Quick and Easy to operate to traditional stainless fittings

    Can be used for:

  • Genoa Sheets

  • Genakker Sheets/Guys

  • Runner 2:1 on deck

  • Stay Sail Sheets

  • Outhaul System

  • Main Halyard 1:1

  • Mast Top Connector

    The advance of the quick loop:

    With the specially designed NS Connector we created a system that becomes an extension of the spliced rope. And is easy and quick to attach and detach, even with cold & wet hands. Three times stronger than a bowline, never hard to undo and less windage.

    High-strength Material:

    The NS Connector has a high tensile aluminum body technology. With unmatched impact and wear resistance. The NS Connector does not have a self tightening or jamming action as "dog bone". It is more compact, lighter and easier to operate compared to "dog bone" types, or bow lines.

    Reduced damage to the yacht, safe:

    Our compact loop connector with velcro wrap reduces damage to the forestays and rigging. Safer: light weight reduces risk of injury when flogging, reduced damage to masts, spinnaker tracks, topsides etc. will not jam even if overloaded, will operate close to break load. And will not fatigue and fail prematurely compared to stainless. Loops are replaceable.

  • Equiplite NS Connector 5/16" (8mm) Max Line
    Regular price: $151.00
    Our Price : $135.90
    Equiplite NS Connector 5/16" (8mm) Max Line w/ Heavier Working Load
    Regular price: $141.00
    Our Price : $126.90