Equiplite Halyard/Snatch Blocks

Equiplite Halyard/Snatch Blocks
Equiplite™ Snatch Blocks use DSK 75 ULTRA loops to take the loads directly through the center of the sheave. This allows the blocks to be extremely light (75% less than competitive assemblies of the same load). Compact, less windage, quick and easy to operate, compared to competitive blocks, of the same load. Even with cold & wet hands.

High-strength material—low friction, impact resistant

The snatch blocks use molded carbon composite side plates, with high-tensile Hardkote anodized aluminum sheaves for high load types. The bearing utilize advanced high load low friction polymer bearing technology, giving unparalleled loaded bearing efficiency of at least 92% for HL and 94% for VHL... (with dry operation, without need for lubrication). Snatch blocks have unmatched impact and wear resistance.

Reduced possible damage to the yacht, safe

Our compact loop system and clean protection reduces damage to the yacht. Safer: Extremely light weight reduces risk of injury when flogging.