Equiplite Furling Swivels

Equiplite Furling Swivels
The advance of the quick loop

With the built in quick loop it is possible to make ultra smooth quick sail changes to other sail options. And with our double loop system on the drum, we provide a set of flexible and fixed headsail. Easy and quick to attach and detach, even with cold & wet hands.

Two in one lock connector

To make the system as compact as possible. The halyard or lock system can be build in the top swivel bayonet. With this custom top swivel it can be used also as a Halyard Swivel. 2-1 system.

Code 0 Boat size

3FS < 9 m.

4FS 8-10 m.

5FS 9-12 m.

6FS 11-16 m.

8FS 14-21 m.

10FS 18-30 m.

12FS 30-up m

* IMPORTANT NOTE: when selecting a top swivel, we recommend adding 20 to 30% to the MWL of the drum for the top swivel. Since the load on the top swivel is increased over the luff MWL by a significant percentage of the sheet load.