Dynamic Optimist Dolly

Dynamic Optimist Dolly
Item# 16001
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Product Description

Dynamic Optimist Dolly

  • Wheels with Delrin® ball bearings for easy rolling on any surface

  • Tie-down eyelets on all handle and sling fittings to easily secure boat to dolly in storage, on trailers, and racks; and prevents bow slippage on ramps

  • Completely corrosion-proof and maintenance free

  • Strong; non-stretch polyester sling, ideal for boat storage and retrieval in wavy conditions

  • Round-cornered strong structural grade anodized aluminum frame

  • Large handle and balanced load make pulling easy

  • Noticeably light! Average weight 28 lbs/12.7 kg

  • Injection-molded tough glass-reinforced UV protected plastic joint components through-bolted

  • New AF3 with tie down hole.

  • Splice Tube at Axle. No more wing nuts!